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What Is The GED®? How Much Does It Cost To Attend Class?
Can I Go To College Or Get A Job with GED® Credentials? When Can I Start?
Can I Earn My GED® Online? What Are The Hours That I Can Study?
How Do I Sign Up To Take The GED®? What Do I Need To Bring To Enroll In Class?
How Long Will It Take Me To Earn My GED®?  
How Many GED® Tests Are There?  
How Much Does It Cost To Take The GED® Tests?  
What Do I Need To Bring With Me When I Take The GED® Tests?  
I Have Taken The GED®; How Do I Get My Scores?  
I'm Applying To College Or A New Job And I Need A Transcript Showing That I Completed the GED®. How Do I Get A Transcript?










What is the GED®?
The GED® (General Education Development) test is an exam administered by the American Council of Education. Students who pass the GED® tests are considered to have the equivalent of a high school diploma. The GED® diploma was originally created for returning WWII veterans, but it is currently used to give high school drop-outs, homeschoolers, and those without a high school diploma an opportunity to prove what they know.

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Can I go to college or get a job with the GED® credential?
Absolutely!  Because the GED® credential is the equivalent of a high school diploma, the GED® opens doors that were closed by not having a high school diploma.  For more information about the GED® and where it can lead you, click here.

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Can I earn my GED® online?
We are getting this question a lot lately. The GED® Testing Service is trying to get word out to everyone across that country that a GED® may ONLY be earned through taking the GED® tests at an official GED® Testing Center (like Mayland). Any company or school or organization promising students that they can earn the GED® online is running a scam. While it is possible to do some study and preparation online, the GED® tests can ONLY be taken at an official Testing Center through the regular testing process. The diplomas offered by these online schools and companies are not accredited, which means they cannot be used to get a job or to go on to college---they are just expensive pieces of paper that say "diploma" on them.

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How do I sign up to take the GED®?
In North Carolina, we are able to enroll adults 18 years of age and older at any time, and we may enroll students who are 16 or 17 with certain conditions and papers lined up beforehand. Once a student is enrolled in one of Mayland's GED® preparation classes, has studied in class at least 12 hours, and has proven readiness by successfully taking an Official GED® Practice Test, he or she may schedule an appointment to take the actual GED® exam. Mayland offers GED® courses at sites throughout Avery, Mitchell, and Yancey counties during daytime and evening hours to make enrolling and getting started as convenient as possible.

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How long will it take me to earn my GED®?
I'm afraid that's the hardest question to answer. The GED® isn't a certain amount of work or a certain set of assignments----it's an ability to demonstrate a certain level of skills in the five testing areas, and the amount of time it takes a person to build the level of reading, writing, and math skills necessary to pass the tests is different for everyone. Some students enroll in class with very strong reading skills already, while others have significant work to do in order to achieve a higher level of reading skills. Other students may enroll with a strong math background, either from school experience or on-the-job skills in higher math, but many other students find that there are a number of math skills they must learn or review before being ready for the GED® Mathematics test. Truly, the situation is different for most everyone, and it depends on many different factors, including how much a person reads, how recently he or she has studied math, and how well that person performs in testing situations. The only reliable way to get an idea of how much study you may need in order to be prepared for the GED® exams is to try some GED® Practice Tests or to at least work in some sample GED® materials and see how comfortable you are with the skills needed. There's not a lot of GED® practice material available on the web, but you can find a bit more info and some very accurate sample questions here.

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How many GED® tests are there?
There are five GED® tests covering five subjects: Reading, Writing, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies.

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How much does it cost to take the GED® tests? 
In North Carolina, the cost for all five tests is $35.00.

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What do I need to bring with me when I take the GED® tests?
A state issued photo ID is required before a test can be administered.

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I’ve taken the GED®; how do I look up my scores?
If you and your instructor have set up an account on GED® Wizard, then you may check your scores online.  Go the GED® Wizard website and enter the email address and password you created with your instructor. After logging in scroll down and click on “Your Score Report”   

  • The email will have the following format: firstname.lastname.socialsecuritynumber@nc.non 
  • The password will have the following format: abcsocialsecuritynumber

For example, Thomas Hortan wants to look up his GED® scores online via GED® Wizard.  His social security number is 999-99-9999. 

  • His email would be: thomas.hortan.999999999@nc.non
  • His password would be: abc999999999

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I’m applying to college or a new job and I need a transcript showing I completed the GED®.  How do I get a transcript?
For official transcripts you may mail or fax a form to Raleigh. If you are applying to a program here at Mayland, you may request a copy of your scores from the Main Campus Lab.  For more information on transcripts, please click here. (see “ Adult Education Website Additions” document for transcript info)

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How much does it cost to attend class?
All of our classes are free!  However, there is a fee of $25 to take all five GED® tests. 

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When can I start?
In our classes you don’t have to wait till the beginning of a semester to enroll.  In North Carolina, we are able to enroll adults 18 years of age and older at any time, and we may enroll students who are 16 or 17 with certain conditions and papers lined up beforehand. You can begin class whenever is most convenient for you, whether it is the beginning of the semester or the end.

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What are the hours I can study?
All four of our GED® class locations have both day and evening hours available.  You may study at the time and location most convenient for you.  Visit our facebook page  for more details.

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What do I need to bring to enroll in class?
Please bring a state issued photo ID and a pencil. 

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