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Mayland Community College Official Logos

Below are the official Mayland Community Logos, saved in various file formats.

You can skip directly to the downloadable files here.

To Download Files:

Select the file format you wish to download from the list at the right of the graphic you have selected. The file will either download to a location on your hard drive (in the case of EPS and TIF images) or show in your browser window (in the case of GIF and JPG images).

To save the image from your browser window, either right-click on the image (Mac users press the "CTRL" button and click on the image) and choose "Save As" and place the image in a spot on your hard drive.

When to Use Each Format

Certain file formats lend themselves to use in certain situations. Here is a brief explanation of the file formats and when you should use them:

EPS files are designed to be "scalable," meaning that you can resize them with no loss in quality. Use an EPS file when you need a large version of the logo.

NOTE: Not all programs support EPS files, call David Biddix in Marketing and Media (extension 309, (828) 765-7351 or 1-800-4-MAYLAND) if you have a question.

TIF images are high-quality images that are designed to be printed. The TIF images on this page are all saved in 300 dpi format, which means they will print sharply on an inkjet or laser printer. The main difference between EPS and TIF files is that TIFs cannot be sized larger without a loss in quality.
The file formats of the Internet, GIF and JPG files are designed to be shown on a computer screen. They are of "low" quality, meaning that if you print a GIF or a JPG, the quality of the image will be poor.

GIF and JPG images are excellent selections for PowerPoint slides and other on-screen presentations. We have included both "large" (500 pixel) and "small" (250 pixel) versions of these files for you to choose from.

Official MCC Logos:



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