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In career counseling, students can gain assistance in assessing their career interests and abilities, establishing career and educational goals, and developing action plans for achieving those goals. A wide variety of career development resources are housed in the Counseling Center’s Career Library, including books, videos, career assessments, internet resources and extensive computerized information systems. Students can research any occupation or educational institution, enabling them to make well informed decisions. Popular assessments include the Myers-Briggs personality inventory and DISCOVER, a comprehensive career planning program.

Career Counseling Internet Resources

The following section will help you connect with a wide variety of career development links including gateway sites, career and educational research sites, self-assessments, and job banks.

To visit the sites, click on the link and a new browser window will open with the site in it. If you have pop-up blocking software, we recommend that you temporarily disable it when clicking these links.

Should you have any questions, contact Doug Dewar by e-mail ( or telephone (extension 289, (828) 765-7351 or 1-800-4-MAYLAND).

Gateway Sites to Other Career Development Links:

What Color Is Your Parachute: The Net Guide

This is one of the best gateway sites regarding career development.  Richard Bolles reviews internet web pages in the areas of Job Listings, Resumes, Career Counseling and  Contacts & Research. In each of these areas he offers his personal rating system (his "Parachute Picks" are sites that he thinks are better than average).  This is a great place to start your career development process on the web.


JobWeb is a springboard to career and job-related sites that career services professionals from around the world have found helpful in working with college students and alumni.  This site has won awards for excellence in the career planning area.

The Riley Guide

An excellent site for connecting to other web pages regarding job search skills, career information, educational institutions, and more.


Comprehensive Career Planning:

NC Careers

North Carolina's Career Information System for career explorers and job seekers.

North Carolina State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee

The North Carolina State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee (NC SOICC) is a state interagency coordinating committee that provides career information systems and products to assist individuals exploring careers and making career decisions, as well as counselors, teachers and job placement officers.


Sites for Doing Occupational  Research:

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Contains comprehensive descriptions of most occupational titles.  Includes general information for each occupation as well as detailed information such as income, duties, demand, and required education.

Be sure to check some of the comprehensive career sites. They all have links to sites that can help you with career research.


Sites for Doing Educational Research:

The Mayland Community College Educational Institutions List

This site is part of the MCC web page and will provide you with links to every educational institution in North Carolina that has a Website. It is part of our College Transfer section.


The CollegeNET search engine helps you find the web pages to colleges all over the world. You can even narrow down by region, college sports, major, tuition, and several other criteria. Hotlinks are provided from your search list directly to homepages of the schools in which you're interested. Mach25, a scholarship search engine, is one of the fastest scholarship searches on the WWW, and it's free!  You can even apply to hundreds of colleges online using their web applications service. You'll also find hotlinks to valuable sites that help you prepare for college.

College Board Online

Information about SAT testing and college in general.

Princeton Review

The Princeton Review helps students, parents, and educators deal responsibly with the increasingly competitive and complex process of admissions to college and graduate school as well as the growing pressures of accountability.

College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC)

College Foundation of North Carolina helps students and parents navigate college admissions by helping them to….


Sites for taking Career Assessments:

Before taking any of the assessments offered at the following sites, please read the rules of taking career tests, suggested by Richard Bolles, a leading career development specialist.  It's important to understand the nature of career tests and how they might be misinterpreted or misused.

You can find Bolles 7 Rules of Taking Career Tests at:

Again, before you take a career assessment, make sure you know Bolles' Seven Rules!

The Career Key

This is a short self assessment measure, developed by Dr. Larry Jones at NCSU that provides users a three-letter Holland Code and information about related occupations.

Self-Directed Search (Free, Short Version)

A short checklist activity that provide users a three-digit Holland score and information on occupations with related Holland profiles. Taken from NC SOICC's "Career Choices User's Guide".

Be sure to check some of the comprehensive career sites. They all have links to sites that can help you with career research.


Sites That Include A Job Bank for Job Searching:

America's Job Bank

America’s Job Bank is a partnership between the US Department of Labor and the state operated public Employment Service. The America’s Job Bank computerized network links state Employment Service offices to provide job seekers with the largest pool of active job opportunities available anywhere and nationwide exposure for their resumes. The job openings come from all over the country and represent all types of work, from professional and technical to blue collar, from management to clerical and sales. There is no charge to job seekers who utilize America’s Job Bank to locate employment.

CareerBuilder is the fastest-growing recruitment and career-advancement source for employers, recruiters and job seekers.

NC Job Hound
This is a powerful job search engine that accesses NC job openings from both the public and the private sectors' webpages. This new tool will access available jobs across the state. Simply enter the job skills you have and then choose the search area.

North Carolina Employment Security Commission

ESC Online provides access to North Carolina's Job Bank.  This site is also a resource on labor markets, in North Carolina and nationwide. You'll also find the North Carolina’s Talent Bank, a nationwide electronic resume system that gives job seekers a new option for marketing their qualifications.

The Monster Board

Whether you're thinking about a new job, new career, a new city or a new direction... Monster helps you explore the possibilities and find the opportunities that are right for you.