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The Counseling Center: Transfer Counseling

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Many students transfer to other colleges and need help in completing that process.  A counselor can assist students in obtaining transfer information via the Transfer Library located in the Counseling Center. Catalogs from every college in the state are available, as well as software/Internet services that allow students to access any college in the nation.  There are also files for each college in the state, including applications, financial aid information, and view books.

To request more information or contact a counselor, please contact us.

College Transfer Website

Mayland also makes available the MCC College Transfer Website which will provide you with an on-line version of our college transfer handbook.  If you'd like to connect to the websites of North Carolina colleges, just utilize the MCC college transfer links page, which contains links to all colleges in North Carolina.

Links to Educational Resources Online

The Mayland Community College Educational Institutions List

This site is part of the MCC web page and will provide you with links to every educational institution in North Carolina that has a Website. It is part of our College Transfer section.


The CollegeNET search engine helps you find the web pages to colleges all over the world. You can even narrow down by region, college sports, major, tuition, and several other criteria. Hotlinks are provided from your search list directly to homepages of the schools in which you're interested. Mach25, a scholarship search engine, is one of the fastest scholarship searches on the WWW, and it's free!  You can even apply to hundreds of colleges online using their web applications service. You'll also find hotlinks to valuable sites that help you prepare for college.

College Board Online

Information about SAT testing and college in general.

Princeton Review

The Princeton Review helps students, parents, and educators deal responsibly with the increasingly competitive and complex process of admissions to college and graduate school as well as the growing pressures of accountability.

College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC)

College Foundation of North Carolina helps students and parents navigate college admissions by helping them to….