MCC Student Handbook

MCC StudentsServices for Students

Mayland Community College offers the following free services for students:

Doug Dewar
Counseling Center Director

Counseling Center

The Mayland Community College Counseling Center offers both career and personal counseling to students and recent graduates. Located in Room 113 on the first floor of Gwaltney Hall [ map ], the Center provides a variety of materials and resources to students during regular college hours.

The Counselng Center offers the following services:

Career Counseling

Guidance in choosing college major and career, using resources such as interest assessments and occupational information,

Transfer Counseling

Assistance in transferring to other colleges, including college information, course equivalencies and articulation agreements,

Job Search Assistance

Training in resume writing, interviewing skills, and networking; local job openings posted weekly on the bulletin board by the Commons,

Personal Counseling

Supportive counseling and referrals for personal problems that hinder college success,

Disability Services

Assistance with accommodations for physical, emotional or learning disabilities, and

Academic Assistance

Help with academic issues such as study skills, test anxiety and stress management.


S.O.A.R. Program

Academic counseling and assistance services are available to eligible individuals through the Support Options for Achievement and Retention (S.O.A.R.) Office at MCC.


You must either:

  • Be a first-generation college student (neither of your parents graduated from a 4-year college)
  • Have limited income by federal guidelines
  • Have a physical or learning disability

Stop by the S.O.A.R. Office (Room 139, Gwaltney Hall) [ map ] for more information on the programs and services offered.



Tutoring services are available for MCC students through Student Development and through the SOAR Program. Details on opportunities available for tutoring are available at the Student Development window in Gwaltney Hall [ map ].


Writing Lab & Math Lab

MCC Arts & Sciences faculty offer tutoring in English and mathematics through the Writing and Math Labs, both located in Room 205 on the second floor of Gwaltney Hall [ map ].

Math Lab

MCC’s Math Lab is designed to provide one-on-one instruction and tutoring for MCC students.You can get more information on the Lab and how its services may help you by visiting with a MCC math instructor. You can also call the Main Campus at extension 308, (828) 765-7351 or 1-800-4-MAYLAND to get answers to questions or express concerns about the Lab.

Writing Lab

MCC’s Writing Lab is designed to provide one-on-one instruction and tutoring for all MCC students needing help in English and Literature. You can get more information on the Lab and how its services may help you by visiting with a MCC English instructor.


Get REAL Program

The Get REAL (Resources Employment Advancement Learning) System of Services offers resources for youth up through the age of 21 to help plan a career, get job experience, get advice on how to climb the career ladder and learn job training and searching skills. Programs are administered through the JobLink Career Centers in Avery, Mitchell and Yancey Counties. For more information about these services call(828) 733-3901 in Avery County, (828) 765-7758 in Mitchell County, or(828) 678-9612 in Yancey County.


On-Course Advising

As a learning college, we support you in achieving your goals as you work in partnership with your advisors and instructors to become secure in self-reflection, personal responsibility, interdependence, wise decision making, and gaining confidence with the utilization of technology.

On-Course Advising achieves this through:

  • Admissions advising – thinking about your academic goals,
  • ACA 111 College Student Success – learning new strategies for success
  • Academic advising – working in partnership with your advisor for the purpose of planning your
    personal, academic, and career goals and learning how to access your resources,
  • LEO registration and utilization – gaining technology skills and become responsible for your
    progress toward your academic goals, and
  • Utilizing every opportunity, both in and out of the classroom, where you prepare for lifelong

Student Responsibilities in On-Course Advising

You have clear responsibilities in the advising partnership in order to be successful:

  • Schedule regular appointments or make regular contacts with your advisor during each semester
  • Come to each appointment prepared with appropriate materials, choices, and questions
  • Utilize LEO resources, including Program Evaluation and on-line registration
  • Become knowledgeable about college programs, policies, and procedures
  • Gather all relevant decision-making information
  • Keep a personal record of your progress toward meeting your goals
  • Organize official documents in a way that enables you to access them when needed
  • Demonstrate interdependence by being an active learner, participating fully in the advising experience
  • Ask questions if you do not understand an issue or have a specific concern
  • Complete all assignments or recommendations from your advisor
  • Clarify personal values and goals using self-reflection, and provide advisor with accurate info regarding your interests and abilities
  • Accept personal responsibilities for decisions and actions

Mayland Community College will support you in developing your highest potential!


Student Development & LEO (Linking Everyone Online)

Dr. John Gossett
MCC VP of Student Development

Joe Baker
MCC Student

MCC’s Student Development Office is designed to assist you with various aspects of your education from pre-admission through graduation.

Student Development provides services to:

  • recruit new students
  • conduct admissions activities and placement testing
  • provide financial aid and scholarship assistance
  • provide counseling for educational, career, disabilities, and personal problems
  • assist in MCC registration and transfer to other colleges and universities
  • assist with job search assistance for students and graduates
  • assist veterans with federal educational benefits
  • organize tutorial programs
  • coordinate student activities at MCC

Student Development is staffed Monday-Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

LEO (Linking Everyone Online)

Linking Everyone Online (LEO) is MCC’s version of an online student center. Inside LEO you will find fast access to your schedule, grades, personal and instructor e-mail and more. See the sections bellows for instructions and quick how-to guides.

How do I log in to LEO?

The web address for LEO is:
Do not use the prefix: ‘www.’ The web address,, will take you directly to leo’s
public homepage where you will see a button that says Log in.

What is my username & password?

Your user name is your first and middle initial and you last name as you entered it on your MCC
application. Your first password will be your birth date in a six digit format (example March 3, 2003
would be 030303). You will be asked to change your password immediatley to something that is of
your choice.

How can I find my Student ID Number?

Log into your LEO account and access the Student (Web Advisor) tab. Once you are on this page,
look at the left-hand side of the page in a blue box for the title My Profile. Under this section you will
find your name, information, and Student ID number.

How do I register for classes?

To Express Register for classes (Must meet with your advisor first )

  • Find the 4-digit SYN number (located next to the course number in the schedule) in the MCC
    Class Schedule and copy this number for use when you register
  • Select the Academics tab then choose Students (WebAdvisor). If you have written down the 4–digit
    SYN code then select Express Register on the left hand side and follow the screens.

How do I find my class schedule on LEO?

  • Log into LEO with your username and password.
  • Click the Academics button at the top of the page, then click the Student WebAdvisor button under the Academics button.
  • Scroll down the left-side of the page and look in the blue boxes to find Academic Profile. Here you can locate “My Class Schedule,” click this selection.
  • Choose the term you want to see for example: 2010fa for Fall 2010, then click the submit button. This will bring up a printable copy of your schedule. This copy of your schedule will show classes, rooms, dates, and times. You can also use this copy of your schedule at the Mayland BookStore to find the books you will need during the semester.

Where can I view my grades in LEO?

Here is how you check your grades:

  • Log into
  • Click on the Academics tab (at the top of the screen)
  • Click on Student WebAdvisor
  • Click on transcript (under academic profile on the left-hand side of the screen)
  • Transcript type will be CU, click submit and scroll down for your grades
  • To find grades for the current semester, click on the grades tab and choose the semester you want to see and click the submit button.

If you need a hard copy of your grades for tuition reimbursement, transfer reasons, or other please
submit a request to the registrar’s office located on the ground floor of Gwaltney Hall.

Can I get a transcript of my grades through LEO?

In addition to grades, you can also find your Student Transcript by following these steps:

  • Log into LEO with you username and password.
  • Click the Academics button at the top of the page, then click the Student WebAdvisor button under the Academics tab.
  • Scroll down the left-side of the page and look in the blue boxes to find Academic Profile here you can locate “Transcripts” click this selection, and choose Curriculum schedule and click the submit button, this will pull up your transcript complete with grades and your GPA.

This is not an official copy of your Transcript. You must request an official copy from the MCC Registrar. An offical transcript is $5 per copy.


Paying for Classes Online

Jennifer Vance
MCC Student Development

When registering for classes during Priority Registration each semester, please note that you must now pay for your classes or have your Pell Grant fully approve3d and awarded by the deadline established for the semester. Pending Pell Grant awards will NOT qualify as payment for classes.

To ensure that your get the classes for which you have registered:

  1. BE PREPARED! Submit your FAFSA for financal aid early.

Check for deadlines and dates for registration each semester.


Learning Resources Center

Joe Baker
Former SGA President

The MCC Learning Resources Center (LRC) is located on the second floor of Gwaltney Hall [ map ]. It is fully automated, using state-of-the-art computers, making information easily accessible. You can access the LRC on the Web at

Hours of Operation

The LRC hours of operation are

  • Monday- Thursday ........................... 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Friday.................................................. 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The LRC will be closed during the summer semester. Hours of operation are also typically reduced during holidays and semester breaks.

LRC Resources

You will find print and non-print materials, electronic databases, audio-visual equipment, and Internet access in the LRC. You will also find assistance with the RAVEN Distance Education classes in the LRC.


The MCC Bookstore, located on the first floor of the Samuel L. Phillips Center for Business and Technology, provides textbook service to students. It also offers school supplies, clothing, computer software and other items for sale. The Bookstore has a web page and it can be accessed here.

Bookstore Hours of Operation

The Bookstore is open during the following hours:

  • Monday- Thursday ........................... 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Friday.................................................. 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Bookstore hours of operation will vary during the week of registration and the first week of classes at the beginning of each semester. Book costs can be found each semester on

Returning Books

Books you purchase for classes during the current semester may be returned if you have the original register receipt, the book is in unused condition, and the return is made within 5 days of purchase. Textbooks returned after this will be considered used and the Bookstore buy-back policy will be followed.

Selling Books Back to the Bookstore

The Bookstore holds a textbook buy-back the last 3 days of each semester. You can get up to 50 percent cash back for each book provided the instructor requests that the textbook be bought back, that the book is in good condition, and is not overstocked in the Bookstore. Textbooks not bought by the Bookstore may be purchased by a used textbook company if they are of any value.


Snack Bar

MCC offers food service to you through the Snack Bar in the Student Commons and at vending areas in several locations on campus.

Snack Bar Operating Hours

The MCC Snack Bar’s regular hours of operation during the year:

  • Monday- Thursday ........................... 7:45 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Friday.................................................. 7:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.



The Phillips-Gwaltney Child Development Center

The Phillips-Gwaltney Child Development Center (PGCDC) provides quality child care to children ages 2 to 5 years. Hours of operation are 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. It is located on the Main Campus. For more information, you may visit the Center’s website at or call (828) 765-1401.


Student IDs

All students are encourage to have their Student ID card made during specified times at the beginning of classes. Your ID card serves as a second-form of id, your MCC library card, and is needed when you charge book and supplies at the bookstore, or to pick-up your Pell check.


Continuing Education

From personal enrichment to job skills, MCC’s Continuing Education Division offers a wide variety of classes for both young and old alike. Popular offerings include computer classes, art, cooking, and occupational extension courses. Continuing Education classes do not award college credit, but they can be used to satisfy licensing requirements, recertification, or continuing education requirements. For more information or to see a listing of current class offerings visit the Continuing Education website or call (828) 765-7351 or 1-800-4-MAYLAND for classes offered on the Main Campus, (828) 733-5883 for classes offered at the Avery Campus, or (828) 682-7315 for classes offered at the Yancey Campus.

Human Resources Development

The Human Resources Development (HRD) program is an intensive program to recruit and train unemployed or underemployed adults. The primary objective of the training component is to help the trainee orient himself/herself to the world of work, appreciate the effects of his/her behavior on others and develop the basic academic and communication skills needed to obtain and maintain employment. The purpose of HRD is to educate and train individuals for success in the workplace. Credit for HRD classes does not apply towards graduation in a curriculum program at MCC. Visit the HRD website for more information on this program.