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Two rooms in the new Anspach Advanced Manufacturing School to bear the Altec name


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Altec Industries support MCC's new Anspach Manufacturing School

Mayland Community College is pleased to announce that Altec Industries, Inc., has made a commitment to support the construction of Mayland's new Anspach Advanced Manufacturing School.  

"In recognition of this outstanding investment in our community and college, Mayland Community College will honor Altec with the naming of two rooms in the facility," said Mayland Community College President John C. Boyd. "The rooms will be named the Altec Advanced Welding Laboratory and the Altec Advanced Design Center. Mayland is thankful for the generous contribution that Altec Industries is making in support of this endeavor.”

The Altec Advanced Welding Laboratory will house equipment, including multiple types of welding machines, a plasma cutter, and bending machines. Training at this facility will prepare students to sit for the American Welding Society’s national certification exam. The Altec Advanced Design Center will house Solid Works programming, scanners, and a 3-D printer. Students will have the ability to utilize state-of-the-art equipment that will develop superior design skills. Use of a 3-D printer will enable students to realize, troubleshoot, correct and build their designs. 

“Altec is honored to support the future generations that contribute to the manufacturing industry,” said Lee Styslinger III, Altec Chairman and CEO. “This is all part of restoring America’s strength in manufacturing through training and opportunities. We are pleased to be a small part of this important effort to help unleash America’s economic potential.”

Altec, Inc., is a leading equipment and service provider for the electric utility, telecommunications, lights and signs, tree care, and contractor markets. The company provides products and services in more than 100 countries throughout the world.

The Anspach Advanced Manufacturing School will support the continued growth and expansion of Altec's work in the manufacturing industry by providing highly trained, high-quality graduates, including welders and Associate Degree Applied Engineers.

This 12,000-square-foot facility being built at Mayland’s Yancey Learning Center will offer a degree program in Applied Engineering with skill tracks in CNC programming, machining, robotics, mechatronics and design. The facility will also provide advanced training in welding and basic blacksmithing.   

"The Anspach Advanced Manufacturing School will provide a solid foundation upon which our communities can build a sound economic future,” said Dr. Boyd. "Employers like Altec and BRP already understand the value of having this facility as part of our Mayland campus.  The stage is set for other manufacturers to bring their business to our region, where they will find a well-trained workforce ready to serve their employment needs."

The Anspach Advanced Manufacturing School is expected to be complete and serving students by Fall 2014.


Pictured from left to right: Altec Human Resources Manager Bryan Peterson, Altec General Manager Jeff Mooney, Mayland Community College President Dr. John Boyd, and Dr. William Anspach.
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