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Mayland CC has solidified it's position in the top 1% of community colleges nationwide.

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Mayland Community College: A Gem in the Mountains


With the most recent rating by, Mayland Community College has solidified its position this summer of being in the top 1% of community colleges nationwide.

Recently undertook the task of ranking two-year community colleges and technical centers around the country to see where students could get the best, most affordable start in their college careers. Mayland Community College ranked 9th in the nation in the top community colleges; a story carried by many news agencies including ABC News and’s initiation of this most recent rating was inspired by President Barack Obama’s incentive to develop a college ratings system to help students make informed decisions about where they can get the best deal on a college education.

“I think it is wonderful and somewhat incredible that in this small rural mountain community, a top 1% community college is here to serve our residents,” said Mayland Community College President John C. Boyd.

Also, this summer released their list of the Top 50 Community Colleges. Here, Mayland ranked 10th in the nation, and Washington Monthly released their list of the Top 50 Community Colleges in the Nation, ranking Mayland Community College 32nd.

Mayland Community College was the only North Carolina Community College on all three lists. The ratings place Mayland Community College in the top 1% of all community colleges nationwide.

“Mayland’s high national rankings make me proud to say that I am a student at the College,” said current Student Government Association President Corey Robinson. “Mayland has provided me with a gift of success through the supportive faculty and staff, a pleasant learning environment, and the College has given me the opportunity to follow my career dreams.”

While each rating system was different, common factors propelled Mayland to the top.

“Our focus is on our community and our students,” said Dr. Boyd. “We have magnificent leadership from our Board of Trustees, we have a great Foundation Board committed to helping us meet the needs of our community, and we have faculty and staff that are dedicated to the success of our students.”

The commitment to students gave Mayland Community College high rankings in student-faculty ratios, low tuition, and high retention and graduation rates. Mayland also received high marks for its new emphasis on teaching soft skills, in addition to providing technical and academic education.

“The residents of Mitchell, Avery and Yancey have a great resource in their backyard, and Mayland is an asset to future students,” said Robinson.

With more than 10,500 credit and noncredit students, Mayland supports 27 academic and technical programs spread across its main Mitchell Campus in Spruce Pine and satellite learning centers in Avery and Yancey Counties.

Mayland’s most recent drive in the development of the Anspach Advanced Manufacturing School is another example of the College striving to connect the community and needs of local industry.

“With the current economic climate and the local industry needs for a trained workforce, we knew that the Anspach Advanced Manufacturing School was critical for the success of our community,” said Boyd. “We also knew that funding for such a project would have to come from a major gift campaign. We, as a team, made the decision that it was time to take action because inaction or waiting for public funds was not a viable option.”

Currently, Mayland is at 90% of its campaign goal of $2.6 million and hopes to complete the campaign within the next month.

“I believe that our focus on the students and their success helps make this campaign a reality,” said Boyd. “National recognition reaffirms the College’s mission and is a great validation for the College’s work, and it proves that industry and community members know that they are putting their funds into an organization that is making a difference.”

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